Deus Ex Machina

And now more from the apparent riot that was Ex Machina. Alex Garland’s much lauded epic is a rehashing of the same darkness and eat-your-soul type narrative his earlier films, 28 days later and Sunshine expounded on. This film explores a very specific area encapsulated by both psychology and philosophy – the nifty little space of … Continue reading Deus Ex Machina


spent a couple of hours last night watching chappie with my parents in our increasingly sterile, off-white living room. sterile because we’re preparing for a party and off-white because the color cannot do wrong. the same cannot be said of the film. neil blomkamp directed district 9 two films prior to this and that was … Continue reading bootstrapping


i must have been 5 or 6 when i saw the truman show. it was playing on my parents’ sony tv that could have been only as big as a breadbox. and from that experience, other than that it happened, i can recall truman finding out something huge, world-shattering, and insane. i remember blue… i remember just … Continue reading truthman

Unexpected Virtues

Alejandro Iñárritu’s Birdman is about Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton) – an actor who came into famousness by way of his portrayal of Birdman, a caped, flying superhero. this parallels Keaton’s own life, with him having also portrayed a caped crusader in 1989’s Batman. Riggan has since been much forgotten (i do not know if the same can be said of keaton) … Continue reading Unexpected Virtues

Hi, It’s Bob

decided to start watching the Jinx after having seen kate mckinnon’s impression of robert durst on SNL. It was a great impression. mckinnon got the dark, evil eyes, and squint-spersed mumbling speech down but it was a little over the top. not so much because she had overdone it but because the premise of the … Continue reading Hi, It’s Bob


What happens to a dream deferred?       Does it dry up       like a raisin in the sun?       Or fester like a sore—       And then run?       Does it stink like rotten meat?       Or crust and sugar over—       like a syrupy sweet?       Maybe it just sags       like a heavy load.       Or does it explode? Continue reading Langston