I sometimes can feel an image being held close to my mind’s eye. It is of a room made mostly of wood: the walls, tables, and chairs are made of a substance so oaky that just sitting there warms the flesh (and if you hold you face up to the surfaces of everything, you can … Continue reading Herbie


It hurts to get the words out. I want things, I am trying my best to make them happen, but it is hard to both do that and remember that people love me, or that I have a responsibility to them. I saw horses running today. I saw horses just being horses. I don’t know … Continue reading around


Today was a hard day. I had been putting off cleaning my room for a while, and I finally got around to it today. It led to the reopening of a dusty converse box I had once filled with letters, cards, pictures, and ticket stubs. I’m not sentimental, but I must have figured that I would … Continue reading Burn